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We, our partners, affiliates, and service providers, through the Services, may provide a venue through which you can obtain information and you can find third-party service providers, such as financial institutions, credit card providers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, insurance agents, auto dealers, tax services, debt consolidation services, discount program representatives and other financial professionals (“Service Providers”). We do not validate or investigate the licensing, certification or other requirements and qualifications of Service Providers. It is your responsibility to investigate Service Providers. You acknowledge and agree that Service Providers are solely responsible for any services that they may provide to you and that we are not liable for any losses, costs, damages or claims in connection with, arising from, or related to, your use of a Service Provider’s products or services. . You acknowledge and agree that you rely on your own judgment and that of such advisors in selecting any products or services offered by Service Providers.

Third Party Links or Access

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You Acknowledge and Agree that We are Not a Service Provider. We do not issue mortgages, loans, credit cards, file taxes, offer debt consolidation, insurance coverage or any other financial products. We are a marketing lead generator. We are not a financial institution, insurance provider or other Service Provider. Instead, we, through our Services, may help to connect you with Service Providers that might meet your needs based on information provided by you. We do not, and will not, make any coverage or credit decision with any Service Provider referred to you.

No Guarantee of Quotes, Fees, Terms, Rates, Coverage or Services.

We do not guarantee that quotes, fees, terms, rates, coverage or services offered by Service Providers are the best available. We do not guarantee that the information found on the “website” will be the same as the information found on the directly through the Service Provider.

We do not make any warranties or representations regarding the quotes, fees, terms, rates, coverage or services offered or made available by Service Providers.

You Do Not Pay Fees to Us for Basic Services. Unless you are a Service Provider or order a specific service through our Services, we do not charge you a fee to use our basic Services. Service Providers may pay us fees for services and to be matched with users of our Services, however. We are not involved with and are not responsible for any fee arrangement that you may enter into with any Service Provider. You acknowledge and agree to this compensation arrangement.

You hereby release us of any and all losses, costs, damages or claims in connection with, arising from or related to your use of any of the Service Provider’s products or services, including any fees charged by a Service Provider matched through this website or its affiliates.

Requests for Quotes or Offers: Our Match Service. Our Services may give you the opportunity to request to be matched with and receive rates, quotes or offers from Service Providers (a “Match Request”). Portions of our Services providing this opportunity (the “Match Request Areas”) are only available to residents of the United States, and may not be available in all states.

  • We make no guarantee that you will be matched with a Service Provider if you submit a Match Request. You may not be matched with any or matched directly with up to 10.
  • We are not responsible for any further Match(es) made by any of our affiliates or service providers.
  • If you make either a complete or incomplete Request, then you agree that Your Information provided in connection with your Match Request may be used and disclosed as set forth in the Privacy Policy. Without limiting anything in the Privacy Policy, you authorize Service Providers, and their affiliates and third-party service providers, to conduct all necessary research with your information, including checking your credit history, if applicable, for purposes of providing you with your Match Request.
  • If you make a Match Request, then you expressly authorize us and up to ten (10) direct Service Providers and us to contact you by telephone, fax, mail and email at the numbers and addresses provided in your Match Request (“Forms”), for purposes of providing you with the information, rates, quotes, offers products and services indicated in your Match Request. You consent to receive telephone calls from Service Providers and us, even if the phone number that you provided on your Match Request is on any “Do Not Call” list. You also consent to Service Providers and us making recorded calls to remind you of deadlines or other issues in connection with your Match Request.
  • You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations in connection with your use of any services offered by us or a Service Provider.

Free Credit Reporting

We do not directly provide you any type of information related to your credit. Your credit will be provided by one of our “credit bureau partners”, which may change from time to time, but will always be one of the top reporting agencies. By filling out the Free Credit Report form, you are providing “written instructions” to the “us” APC, LLC, its contracted data providers, agents, and its employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, third party data sources and suppliers, and all other credit reporting agencies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as amended, to access your credit files from each national credit reporting agency and to exchange information about you with each such national credit reporting agency in order to verify your identity and to provide Services to you. You agree and hereby authorize APC LLC, its contracted data providers, agents, and employees, to provide your personally identifiable information (or, if applicable, information about your child you have enrolled) to third parties as provided in our Privacy Policy, as may be amended from time to time. You waive any and all claims against APC, LLC, its contracted data providers, agents, employees, and shareholder for the acts or omissions of these third parties with regard to the use or disclosure of such information. You further authorize APC, LLC, its contracted data providers and its agents, employees and shareholder to obtain various information and reports about you (or about your child that you have enrolled, if applicable) in order to provide the Services, including, but not limited to, address history reports, name and alias reports, criminal reports or sex offender reports, and to provide monitoring and alerts. While enrolling for the Services, we will ask you for the following types of information: contact information (such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address); sensitive information (such as date of birth, driver’s license number or social security number); personal information to verify your identity and financial information (such as credit card number). This information is required in order to verify your identity, charge you the agreed upon fees for our products and services, and to fulfill our obligation to provide our products and services to you, including communicating with third parties as necessary to provide such products and services, such as identification verification companies, consumer reporting agencies, credit bureaus, payment validation companies, law enforcement agencies, or others. You agree that you will use the Services to protect against or prevent actual fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liabilities.

Consumer Disclosures

    1. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to obtain a disclosure from every credit reporting agency of the nature and substance of all information in your file at the time of the request. Full disclosure of information in your credit file at must be obtained directly from the credit reporting agency that provides the report. The credit report you are requesting from us is not intended to constitute the disclosure of the credit reporting agency information required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act or similar state laws.
    2. You are entitled to receive a disclosure directly from each of the consumer reporting agencies free of charge under the following circumstances:
      • You have been denied credit, insurance or employment within the past sixty (60) days as a result of your credit report;
      • You certify in writing that you are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the 60-day period beginning on the date on which you made the certification;
      • You are a recipient of public welfare assistance;
      • You have reason to believe that your file at the agency contains inaccurate information due to fraud;
      • Annually at www.annualcreditreport.com.

      Otherwise, the consumer reporting agency may impose a reasonable charge for the disclosure.

    3. The Fair Credit Reporting Act permits you to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in your credit file. You understand that accurate information cannot be changed.
    4. You do not have to purchase your credit report or other information from us to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information in your Credit file or to receive a copy of your consumer credit report.

    The “credit reporting agency” provides a proprietary consumer disclosure that is different from the consumer credit report provided through apruebame.com The disclosure report must be obtained directly from the credit reporting agency. Consumers residing in the States of Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and Vermont may receive a free copy of their consumer credit report once per year andraskrytka.xyzкак нанести тени на векивок сковорода купитьprodvijenieмеждугородние перевозки грузовmoscow new years eve