How to be really good at spending

Can you become a smart shopper? Can you be better at spending your money? Let’s face it, we all must spend money. Whether to buy the basics, or to splurge a bit, we have compiled the 8 best tricks to make sure that when you spend, you do it wisely.

8 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Are you trying to find other ways to make extra cash? you’ve come to the right place. We will tell you 8 easy and effective ways for you to pull in additional income.

Let’s be honest. We could all use a little (or a lot of) extra cash to help you to reach your financial goals, whether they be practical like saving for retirement or fun like saving for a new car or a trip to the beach. But unfortunately, it’s 2018 and Americans are busier and more stressed out than ever, so adding a second or third job to your schedule isn’t really an option. So what do you do? There are actually tons of part-time gigs and little ways to earn money on your own time. You can decide when and how often you do these things, and some you can even do from the comfort of your own couch while you watch TV! Check out this list of 8 simple ways to earn money and see if any of these ideas sound interesting to you.

Teaching Your Kids to Budget

Parenting comes with a long list of things you’re responsible for teaching your children to set them up for a good future. Beyond the basics of walking, talking, potty training and the birds and the bees, you’ll also want to begin teaching your kids the value of money at a young age.

How to Build Your Credit in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have credit? If not, then reading this might help you to build your credit and manage your credit as time goes on.